• Three things I could not live without are cappuccinos, my Steve Madden slip ons and Macarons.

  • I watch Sex and The City semiannually. Every six months I go through all six seasons - it's somewhat inspiring to my inner boss babe.

  • I'm a bonafide Leo QUEEN.

  • Besides photography, I love my husband, spontaneous day trips, Manolos, coffee, thick ink glide pens, Walker's shortbread cookies and music.

  • I love Jesus, but I swear a little. 

  • Brunching is one of my all time favorite past times, especially with a couple of mimosas.

  • I was into Matcha lattes before they were trendy

  • If I could live anywhere in the world, it would 100% be a bigger city like New York City or Paris, France. I'm obsessed with architecture and locations where it's constantly busy.

  • I've got a weird obsession with anything and everything true crime. I listen to My Favorite Murder on a regular basis.

  • I'll be crying behind the lens at your wedding - I can guarantee it. 


I'm a wife, a sister, a daughter and a best friend and an everything and anything fashion and interior design connoisseur located in Seattle, Washington.

You may be searching for your wedding photographer, and I must say, marriage is pretty remarkable. I capture weddings because I believe in marriage. I root for true love. Love has to exist in order for us to continue our existence and I find it only fitting that your first day as husband and wife is captured with that belief 

I 100% believe that photography is an extremely important thing to consider when you begin planning your wedding. Not only do you want someone who can capture your day with beauty and intimacy, but also someone you can relate with.

I am thankful to have experienced being a bride myself. I understand the emotions that will overwhelm you throughout the day, the butterflies you'll experience the moment you step into your dress and the joyful tears when you see your bride for the very first time. I also first handedly have been able to experience what it is like to receive finished photos as a client. The day will go by so quickly, you'll be so thankful for the photos you'll have to look at for the rest of your life. I am able to understand the importance of investing in beautiful, fine quality photos.

I capture my clients with a timeless and photojournalistic style because it is my goal to capture you in the truest version of YOU. I would rather play with my clients than pose them. This is an adventure after all. It is my goal to create a new standard in this industry by going above and beyond for my clients.  I want to offer my clients the RIGHT experience for them: one they don't forget, one that they will ultimately be happy with.  This starts with creating a relationship, not just between company and client - but as new friends. 

So, let's adventure, let's love and let's do this right.

If you aren't local, don't you worry, I love to travel. Take me somewhere incredible.