Just like Guac, your wedding photos should be EXTRA.



  • I can't live without coffee, a good lip balm and a solid pair of comfy Nike's.

  • Just like Guac, I'm extra.

  • I'm a bonafide Leo QUEEN.

  • If I had to eat one thing for the rest of my life, it would be cookie dough right out of the tin.

  • I love Jesus, but I swear a little. 

  • You can catch me brunchin' with my husband the day after EVERY wedding. Mimosas on queue.

  • I was into Matcha lattes before they were trendy.

  • One day I'll own a little flat in Paris that I can run off to whenever I please. One Day.

  • My Favorite Murder is my FAVORITE podcast.

  • You may or may not find me in a corner snacking away at your wedding cake or dessert. 



I’m Caitlyn Nikula (Nic-YOU-luh) - for those who are curious how the heck to pronounce my last name. Don’t worry, I still struggle when I pronounce it over the phone. 

Yes. This is long. But it is important to consider.

You’re here most likely because you’re looking for your wedding photographer - and I hope so far, the planning process hasn’t been TOO stressful for you. (My advice: drink a lot of wine and stuff your face with tacos - works for me.) Marriage. It’s pretty remarkable isn’t it?

You’ve been together long enough to realize, love is not effortless. Not all the time anyway. It’s work. Hard. Work. You’ve been through it all. We all have our own journeys - some harder than others. And this is okay. You’re engaged, and I can guarantee it took a lot of sweat, some tears, lots of kisses and long embraces to get here. I’m married. I know about the hardships. Getting through that is what MAKES love to perfect in it’s own imperfect way. Some of you may have gone through years of long distance, some of you may have known right away that you wanted to marry each other, and some of you have been together for almost a decade. And THIS is why I LOVE capturing weddings. Each one, so unique in their own nature. 

I believe in love. I believe in marriage. I ROOT for the ever so cliche “can’t breath, can’t eat, can’t more, can’t think, ridiculous" kind of love. Because it IS real. I am ROOTING for YOU. And when it comes to searching for your wedding photographer - you WANT someone to capture it who also has the same belief. Why? Because it’s the key ingredient to capturing this human connection in the best way. 

Human connection.

This is what it’s all about at the end of the day. I believe that photography is an extremely important thing to consider when you’re mulling over what is your wedding day priorities are. These moments can never be relived. This is it. These photos will one day be hung on the walls of generations to come. Not only do you want someone who can capture your day with pure intimate connection, but also someone you can relate with. 

I’ve been there.

I’ve been a bride. I understand the emotions that will overwhelm you. The butterflies you’ll experience the moment you step into your dress, and the joyful tears you’ll have when you see each other for the first time. The day is going to FLY by. I’m not kidding. One moment you’re getting into your final accessories, the next you are at your hotel ordering a late night pizza in your suit and gown trying to remember what JUST happened. Invest in quality photography. The memories will rush back in, in the best way possible.