Back in June I had the opportunity of a lifetime to fly down to Scottsdale Arizona and capture Kaye and Brett's beautiful evening wedding. We were connected through a fellow photographer friend of mine and I was beyond thrilled that they chose me, a photographer out of state rather than hiring someone in their area. Destination weddings are one of my absolute favorite things to partake in. I actually visited Kaye a few months before the wedding, and got to meet her immediate family! So on the wedding day it was comfortable and I felt so welcome. We regularly spoke and became fast friends within the time frame of them booking and the wedding.

Brett and Kaye's wedding was on one of the hottest weekend's of the year - I surprisingly still didn't come home with a tan... DRINK A LOT OF WATER is my only advice! I was so happy when they were okay with doing a a majority of their bride and groom portraits outdoors at one of the local desert parks!

Luckily the ceremony was in the late evening and their reception took place in the night at a dear friend of their's backyard - which by the way WAS AMAZING. It was quite the party to say the least! I will never forget this wedding in my career. It made my heart so content and gave me such a passion to travel for love. I'm glad I finally have been able to get this wedding up on the blog, please enjoy!