"And the rain didn't bother me anyway." is the exact song that comes to mind when I think of Jordan and Tyler's outdoor October wedding. It literally rained the entire day, and there was not a care in the world. I was actually happy for the rain, because it allowed me to challenge myself and really get to work with some beautiful dark and rich tones and of course, get some really amazin' rainy photos with these two! I just LOVE that Tyler and Jordan were completely down for anything I threw at them.

Everyone grabbed a poncho for the ceremony and cuddled up next to big fires while chowing down on some Mexican food from the taco truck they parked near the fire. It was the most relaxed and beautiful night. Even though it was raining, all their friends and family stayed and partied along side them. Rain doesn't hurt anybody right?! It was such a wonderful thing to experience and I got some of my favorite images from the 2016 year! Now I finally get to publish their blog post!