Gosh you guys, this was a year to remember. The true beginning of this beautiful journey as a full time wedding photographer. I'm going to keep this simple and sweet - I have too much to say and not enough time to say it (about to run off to shoot a wedding) But this was the year that set my brand apart - gave my confidence that I was meant to be an artist - lessons were learned, some of them good and some of them not so good. But at the end of the day I've grown in ways I didn't imagine I would at the beginning of the year.

I've shot over 100 sessions. My year goal was to shoot 15 weddings and I ended up shooting 24. 3 of them being out of state weddings - so blessed to be able to travel and do what I love all at the same time.

I met some of the most amazing creatives that I can call dear friends. I've never felt more content with the type of people I've been able to surround myself with. I've felt supported, inspired and connected.

I signed a lease for a downtown studio that's allowed me to expand my portrait portfolio, especially boudoir - which I have big plans for in 2017. 

I was blessed with exceptional clients. Ones that I can now call my friends. I am truly inspired by the people I get to meet on a daily basis and work with. And it's been those clients that have referred me with confidence to others - and I can officially say that I have over 30 weddings booked for next year already. THIRTY. 80% of my work has been referred. I haven't had to spend a dime on online advertisements. This is truly an act of God and such a blessing knowing I've caught the eye and the trust of so many people by the kind words of others.

I've learned so much about myself - who I am and who I'm not. I've pushed boundaries, set new limits and learned what I deserve and what I do not deserve. I've learned to be kinder to myself and compare myself less to others journeys. This journey is unique, it is my story and I've learned that I shouldn't want to change anything about it.

But all of these goals don't stop when they are met. I want to continue to grow them. I spent hours upon hours of time dedicating myself to my work and learning how to set myself apart from the rest. I made mistakes, I learned lessons, I gained confidence and happiness. 2016 was my year of really finding myself and my brand and 2017 will be the year I enhance that by ten. 

I hope to set a new standard for the wedding industry when it comes to personable customer service. I want to seek more joy and envelope myself in more love - whether it be toward my clients or toward myself. I yearn to be different. To be better. To be kinder. Generous. Hopeful. Peaceful. 

I want to enhance the standards of this industry and give back to my clients. I want to understand them more and implement a better business plan that will not only give my clients the best experience, but also it'll give me the best experience. 

2017 will be the year of self love. I need to learn that it's okay to say no. That it's okay to take time for myself and step away from my computer and turn off my phone. My business can only continue to be healthy if I'm healthy. I want to be better with scheduling clients, time management and turning over my product even quicker than I did this year. 

I want to make sure I give myself 8 hours of sleep a night, allow myself to sleep in, wake up and go on a run or to the gym before I begin my day. I want to dedicate more of my time to friends, family and indefinitely my husband. I need to remember that my personal life is extremely important. My soul needs to be okay. I cannot forget the important things in my life. If my personal life fails, my business will fail.

I hope to shoot more personal work and more one on one portrait sessions. I hope to learn more styling and fuel my creative side more on my own terms. I've learned I need to do art not just for others but for myself as well. It will be a long term goal to always be creating even if it's not paid work.

I know as the days will pass, I'll think of more goals and more "resolutions" and that's the best thing about this job. I'll always be learning, always be growing, always be creating. 

So here is to 2016 for being one of the grandest years of my career. Enjoy some of my favorite sessions, moments and photos. <3