Shelby + Andrew | Lairmont Manor intimate wedding in Bellingham, Washington


I fall more and more in love with small intimate weddings the more I capture them. 

I walked into Shelby's bridal room and it was so peaceful. All the focus was on her. As it should be. There was a perfect balance of chatter and silence all at once. While she was spending time with her close family and best friend - Andrew was just down the hall laughing away with his best man - so anxious to see his bride. I appreciated how everyone doted on these two. Making sure they felt good, making sure they were getting what they needed. They were being given exactly what they needed and what they wanted.

It was in fact, their day. Their one day to lavish in all the love, goodness and tranquility they could. 

These two got married at the Lairmont Manor in Bellingham, Washington - giving everyone invited a weekend getaway from their homes. And to make it even more special, it was on the 2017 eclipse. We had the most amazing light the WHOLE day. It was colorful, bright and so golden. It was a fairly small wedding. No more than 40 people. And everyone knew each other. It was everything these two planned and dreamed of. It was absolute perfection. Every family member and friend that was there I had the pleasure of speaking with, and I may have even danced a bit myself during the reception while nibbling on their signature treats (sugar peach candies, my favorite!)

And OH SO styled. While Shelby dressed in the most perfect BHLDN gown, Andrew was in a Ted Baker. I basically drooled over the class of the details. All the way down to the marble etched name placers and adorable lounge couches and chairs. It was beyond stunning. 

It was a special day to be a part of indeed. Please enjoy their gorgeous wedding story!


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