Mona + Matthew | The Kelley Farm Wedding in Bonney Lake, Washington


If there is anybody who really GETS ME, it's these two. There are no boundaries. It was like capturing my own family's wedding. I left Mona and Matthew's wedding with wet cheeks for all the good bye kisses I received from their family and friends. 

These two are actual goals and have been living quite the adventure. With Matt moving from Australia, to meeting Mona in Seattle a few years ago, and then off to Houston they went together to start a new life with their pup - and now enjoying married life. What a wonderful story they have to share. Adventure after adventure, these two are along for the ride - together. 

I think adventure is where marriage thrives from. No matter if the adventure is trying a new restaurant together for brunch, or testing out a new hike, or traveling the world - I 100% believe a good marriage is made up of daily adventures. As long as you keep adventuring together - your marriage will be fulfilled in every way possible.

Mona and I continue to stay in contact, especially via Snapchat - it's really the best. And It makes me wish they still lived here. They are definitely my kind of people. (insert crying face)

Their wedding day was absolutely gorgeous. Everyone was so sweet and kind, all day. I have never felt more appreciated than I did on this day. I'm very excited to finally have this blog here to overwhelm you all with perfection. 

So, please, enjoy this lovely wedding story.