Lauryn + Micheal | Holy Rosary Church Wedding in Edmonds , Washington


It's been almost a week since Lauryn and Michael tied the knot! 

We've definitely had the worst luck when it comes to weather here in Washington. Only three days of sunshine since October, can you believe it?!

We prepared for rain, as anyone who lives in Washington should, and luckily the skies opened up for a small time after the ceremony to run out to the beach and do some bride and groom portraits.

But something I've learned and remember to remind my couples:

Rain doesn't define the quality of a wedding day, nor does it define the quality of love between two people. We cannot control the weather, but we sure as heck can control the way we respond to it. Lauryn and Michael hardly flinched when they looked outside and saw the drizzle - they were getting married - and nothing was going to ruin such a monumental moment. 

I feel like all I've been editing is rainy weddings, but it makes me smile when I sift through photos, and all I see is happiness and joy. 

I'm reminded weekly about how blessed I am to be able to do what I love as my job, and even more so, how blessed I am to have such relaxed and kind clients.

Enjoy a little peek into this rainy March wedding, just days before our first day of Spring.