Morgan + Michael | Broadway Hall wedding in Bellingham, Washington


You know that feeling you get when you're somewhere new, but completely feel like you're at home? That was Morgan and Michael's wedding. Not only do they share a love for each other, but they share a love for a God that I personally know as well. Throughout the whole day, you felt a different level of intimacy. There was so much comfort, peace, love and an overwhelming amount of kindness that flowed through them and everyone around them. 

When I think of Morgan and Michael as one, one biblical verse comes to mind:

"...A strand of three cords can not easily be broken." - Ecclesiastes 4:12

I cherish the fact that these two keep a divine relationship with the Heavenly Father and how they have used Him to guide their relationship. It was truly inspiring to witness their sacred wedding day. 

I have so many favorites from this wedding, so here is Michael and Morgan's wedding story in the form of photographs. Enjoy.

Vendors (known):

Venue // Broadway Hall

Dress // Blue Sky Bridal

Second Photographer // Agostina DiMartino

Florist // Lori McMurtney

Hair// Jenny VanDyke from Mayne Styles

Makeup // Sarah Rorvig