Gabrielle + Roger | Roche Harbor Resort Wedding in the San Juan Islands


There is seriously nothing more rewarding than capturing the weddings of long time (dating all the way back to high school) friends. I've known Gabby's family since elementary. Grew up together, played sports together, even attended the same college. Gabby was the youngest of four kids, and the very last to get married as well. 

These two mirror each other. If there is one piece of advice I've ever been given when it comes to making a relationship last, it's the friendship. These two are lovers, but they are the best of friends. Complimenting each other in each and every way. There is no words to describe the way Roger looks at Gabrielle, with love, admiration and pure sweetness. The pictures make you feel, that's for sure.

I'm finally able to sit down and get through their photos and pick out some of my absolutely favorites to blog for you all! Enjoy this beautiful and sunny wedding story.