Johanna + Brian // Destination Wedding in Kauai, Hawaii

I remember when I began speaking with Johanna when she first got engaged back in 2015 about wedding photography. And I'm so glad she waited until now to get married when it comes to my growth and change in brand. (so there is a plus for taking so long girl!) and when she finally came to me with a confirmed date, I was so excited when she still wanted to work with me.

This is the type of client I strive for. The ones that follow your journey, cheering you on, always complimenting your work and TRULY loving the artist that you are - from the beginning until now - watching me grow and continuing to be one of the reasons I pursue this journey.

Since her and Brian lived in Hawaii, we waited until I could get there to do their engagement session - which by the way, was SO much fun. I don't know how many times they said "we are awkward sorry!" but the outcome of them was like....model stat. They are the perfect poster couple, I swear.

Their wedding day was absolutely worth the two year wait. It was intimate, relaxed, and so much fun. People came from all over to celebrate with them. It was the perfect day.

We decided to wait and take their bride and groom portraits the day after so we could adventure around the island - so PLEASE stay tuned for those. For now, here's a look into their day! Enjoy.