Jesse + Jessica | Within Sodo Wedding in Seattle, Washington


You know those weddings when you leave more energized than how you came?

This was one of them. Not just because it was a crazy good party. But because it genuinely was one of those weddings that was a complete breath of fresh air. I had a feeling when I met Jesse and Jessica that it would end up being that way. Because when we met, it was more than just a consultation to go over wedding details - it was a legitimate friendly brunch where we discussed life, love, jobs and memories. It was so much more than a business transaction. It left me feeling excited, whole and ultimately rejuvenated to be booking a wedding with such genuine people.

Not only that, but throughout the day so much good was spoken about them. I had gotten into a conversation with the best man, and brother, of the groom - a conversation involving the dedication of marriage, and how life isn't different after the I Do's...but the same time, it 100% is. And we both agreed how difficult it is to explain. But the change is soothing. It's like your whole life makes sense. And I'll never forget how he said, "My brother has waited his whole life for this moment." with sheer joy for his sibling. 

It's not just the love between a husband and wife that makes weddings so moving, it's the love surrounding them - from the dozens of others that came to witness such a monumental day in a couple's life. 

I'll truly never forget this wedding. 


Venue: WithinSodo

Second Photographer: Delaney Brown

Wedding Planner/Coordinator: Invisible Hostess

Bride's Dress: BHLDN