Shayla + Trevor | In home engagement session - Woodinville, Washington


There is nothing more satisfying than having the honor of being chosen to take dear friends' engagement and wedding photos. I've known Shayla for years now and we used to talk about our marriage dreams before we even met the men we'd end up marrying. And I'm so happy to be a part of this amazing journey with her. Trevor is such a charmer, and SO beyond perfect for her.

Our plans had been to do an outdoor session up in some woodsy and cool new location - but the weather was so unpredictable, and we didn't want to have to reschedule, so we changed out plans into an in home session at Trevor's parents (thanks rents!). Which I am SO glad we did. The intimate moments I was able to capture between them in this setting, I personally believe, are ones that are far and above ones I may have captured in a public setting. They were comfortable and able to completely be themselves. I absolutely love sessions like this because my couples are able to feel "at home" It's like stepping foot into their day to day routine, and capturing their true lives. I am so happy about these photos!


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