Alyssa + Keiran | Urban Seattle City Westland Distillery Wedding


I know I say this a lot. But man oh man this year has been good. 

I've met some really cool couples and have witnessed some special moments. Moments that I'll take with me for as long as I'm a wedding photographer. I had been looking forward for Alyssa and Keiran's magical day since the moment they booked. The vibe they were envisioning for their day was an urban fairy tale. My favorite.

Alyssa and Keiran had an minimalistic urban styled wedding in downtown Seattle at Westland Distillery in the Sodo District. Everything came together so wonderfully for these two. It was light, sweet and filled with love. One thing that stood out to me the most about their day, was their vows.

I love how every wedding I've shot this year has something unique that truly defines the couple. These two are beyond adventurous, whether it's in their day to day lifestyle or their area of work. They are dedicated to achieving goals. During their ceremony, they presented a box - filled with envelopes containing a bucket list goal that they'd accomplish within the year of when it was opened. This was a reminder, that in order to achieve a successful marriage, there should always be goals or new plans to look forward to.

This is marriage. This is constant change. Constant plan making. Something to look forward to do together. Marriage can be hard. It can be challenging. But it's also life's greatest adventure packed with many, many mini adventures. I can guarantee that Alyssa and Keiran's box is filled with all the mini adventures, and that once they run out - they will just create more and more. It'll never end. I'm so happy I got to be a part of the beginning.

Here is Alyssa and Keiran's wedding story. Enjoy!


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