Ashley + TJ | The Pickering Barn Wedding in Issaquah, Seattle


I’m really good at procrastinating on blogs. Really, I am. You can call me a professional procrastinator. Right below wedding photography. I really do believe it’s a skill. So here I am, FINALLY getting around to updating blogs from last year’s weddings. Because they are a must see, and I’ve been hiding them from you all.

What else is there to do in the off season? Besides taxes…I’m procrastinating on those too.

So I’m gonna take y’all back to December 1st 2018 - the wedding of Ashley and TJ at the popular Pickering Barn in Issaquah, Washington. Where if you run out of food or alcohol for your wedding, Costco is across the street. No excuse when the beer is running low. It’s the perfect indoor space for winter weddings, that can host everything indoor. And let’s be real - THIS DAY WAS DAMN FUH-REEZING. Which is why Ashley wore her fuzzy robe throughout portrait time (see in the photos below, it’s a real treat)

This was a wedding where everyone was there to stay warm with wine and dance the night away. Some of the greatest dancing coverage for sure, especially with TJ’s grandmother. LITERALLY SO GREAT. This was definitely the best way to end my 2018 wedding season. The most relaxed and totally chill wedding of the year. Exactly when TJ and Ashley both told me they wanted when we met for our first consult. I knew I’d love them with our mutual love for West Seattle (we are basically neighbors).

I never know how to end these blog entries, so… I’m peacing out and leaving you with the richest and moodiest images from this year. 100% shows off the Pacific Northwest in it’s truest form.




Second Photographer: Sarah Anne Thompson

Venue: The Pickering Barn


Hair & Makeup: