Riley & Ryan | Fauntleroy Ferry and Vashon Island Washington


I’m not very good at waking up super early. My husband can attest to that. Really, I love my sleep. But the idea of a early morning ferry shoot with these two got me RIGHT out of bed. I knew the morning sunlight would be so pretty, especially on an empty ferry. It felt like we had the whole ferry to ourselves on the way to Southworth.

There really is so much art that can be created on these big breathtaking boats. I hadn’t shot an official engagement session on a ferry before, so I was pretty pumped to finally be doing it. Not only that, but we finished by 10:00 a.m. - perfect timing to head to brunch!

Both times on the ferry we were reminded that it was time to leave, haha - which just showcases how much fun we were having. We may or may not have trespassed private property for the beach photos. All totally worth it. I’m SO obsessed with how these photos turned out and I can’t wait to capture Riley and Ryan’s wedding next year on LEAP YEAR.

Now enjoy this cuddly, goofy and popcorn filled engagement session.