Laura + Matt | The Metropolist in Sodo Seattle, Washington


I remember when I first started blogging weddings, I got overwhelmed with the amount of “right or wrong” ways to blog them. I would find myself on local photographer groups, getting advice and tips - and feeling more discouraged than anything. 

Some would say “only blog your favorite 50 photos from a wedding.” Or “only blog picture perfect photos for your website!” — where does my client come with these? Why wasn’t I seeing… “SHOW THE FULL STORY” - I mean, isn’t that the point of our jobs anyway?

I didn’t understand why there were rules, and I definitely didn’t understand the perfectionism behind it. Who was I blogging for anyway? I think that’s the question that needs to be answered. Granted, I like to publish blogs because I think it’s important for potential clients to see my work to a more details extent, and it’s a great way to market. 

But the primary reason blogging is important, is for my clients. Surprising them with a full look into their wedding day within just a couple of weeks while they wait for me to complete their whole gallery, is the BEST part about it. 

There is no way to cull a wedding down to 50 “perfect” photos. They are all perfect. They all deserve recognition. I’m here to represent a story, and that story involves 8-10 hours of photo coverage. I don’t believe culling our clients’ days into perfect little squares is serving our clients. I don’t believe we get the right to pick what’s better than the other. The photos we don’t deem “socially perfect for publishing” are some of the most important and emotional photos to our couples and their family/friends. 

So this is what I’ve consistently decided to do. Show the story. Give them as much as possible. Let them RELIVE tiny moments from a 24 hour day. Laura and Matt’s wedding was just that. There was SO many photos I NEEDED to add to their wedding day blog. They are important. Their families are important. The love, moments and laughs are SO important. 

I am making it a priority to continue keeping the importance of what I do publicly known.

So here it is. Matt and Laura’s stunning June wedding at Metropolist and beyond. FULL and inclusive of all little moments that truly completed their day.