Alicia + Andy | Wedding at Green Gates at Flowing Lake in Snohomish, Washington


What do you get when you put a very giggly bride and groom, ice cream sandwiches, booze and glow sticks together?

A damn good time.

Alicia and Andy got married in July surrounded by literally the craziest cool bunch at a beautiful and fairly new venue in Snohomish called Green Gates at Flowing Lake. It was the perfect summer evening. All the guests hogged up my camera, and on a wedding, that is completely acceptable to me. There was so much love, so much hootin' and hollerin' for the couple and of course the BEST "cool you off" treats. 

I knew when Alicia booked me TWO years ago, that this would be a wedding I'd never forget. I connected with her instantly, and you guessed it, over champagne and macarons. MY TYPE OF GIRL.

 I knew it would be one of those weddings that I'd find myself with a cool drink in hand and booty shakin' on the dance floor with the guests. I love weddings like this - where not only does your couple trust you to produce fabulous photos - but they want you to have fun and enjoy their big day as well. I don't know how many times I was asked, "UH, why don't you have a drink in your hand?" by their guests. HA. These weddings fly by, which makes it more appreciating to have photos like this to look back on. 

This was the perfect day, for the perfect couple and I'm so excited to get their wedding on the blog.