Chance + Ondrea | The Lairmont Manor in Bellingham, Washington


this year has been the perfect work balance i’ve needed. finding that sweet spot, allowing myself to have more time to focus on other curious thoughts and ideas. for the first time in three years, i haven’t felt swamped. overburdened. or afraid of not giving my couple’s what i promised, and what they needed.

i wasn’t sure if scaling back and taking on limited weddings was going to be the right call. i always say yes, and always move my limit line. i would always push myself and take on more work than i could chew. not that the last couple of years have been amazing, or worth every moment.

as an entrepreneur, a self made business owner - it’s hard to turn away clients, its hard to say no, and then sometimes we find ourselves getting so lost - so lost in our work that we’ve lost ourselves. lost the ability to find joy and find meaning in what we do.

2019 was my year to limit myself and allow myself a bit more freedom. and surprisingly every month for this season i have two full weekends off. and it’s truly been life changing in so many ways. giving myself space has allowed me to give my clients more. i’m finally able to blog every session/wedding i do, email potential clients quicker, respond to my current clients with more effort. and also, give my OWN family quality time. having actual TIME is amazing, and it’s healthy.

there is no such thing as a work-life balance. one will ALWAYS get more attention than the other. we have to choose which one will be a priority - and this year, i decided to put my personal life in front. and in turn, it’s made my work life that much more exciting.

thank you so much to couples, especially like Chance and Ondrea for understanding, and being so willing to support the change. being a part of their wedding at the Lairmont Manor in Bellingham, Washington was a total dream. these two are some of the most humble, kind and genuine people i’ve worked with. it was a more than perfect day, and put together by a more than perfect team of vendors. i’m so excited to create memories for people like Chance and Ondrea. ones that i know they will allow to live on for the rest of their lives, and the lives they will create, and it’ll grow onward from there.

here is a beautiful sneak peek of the Gwinner’s - a fairytale dream at a fairytale location.