Erin + Tyler | Evergreen Gardens Wedding on Pole Road in Bellingham, Washington


Anytime I shoot a wedding in Bellingham, it's 80% of the time at this venue! I know it like the back of my hand. When Erin and Tyler chose me and told me their venue, I already knew how I'd capture the day and where I'd take them for their golden hour portraits (and those turned out soooo good, wait until you see!) And the funniest thing about this day, was that I found out the videographer and I were doing another wedding together at this exact same venue THE NEXT WEEKEND. Such a small world!

Erin and Tyler were truly the sweetest couple. They were so kind, generous, and told me they were in my hands and were excited to see what I'd do with them. I was even sent home with some chocolates, an Anthropologie candle (THE WAY TO MY HEART YALL) and some delicious handmade soap! I felt so loved and appreciated by these two and it's one of the reasons why I continue wedding photography. When I have couple's that treat their vendors with respect and kindness. It also creates the best photos because the whole day you are so excited to be with them.

Thank you Erin and Tyler for choosing me! Your day was perfect and I'm happy to show your friends and family your wedding story in this blog!