This wedding holds such a special place in my heart! The bride, Santana, and I have been good friends for the past few years, we’ve even worked together several times in my industry, whether it was her doing makeup for some photo projects of mine or us doing fun photo collaborations together! I met Derek during a double date, and I remember telling Santana that he was going to be her person for life, and I’m usually right. A week later, he offered his life to her. (Nailed it, right?)

I was thrilled for her. Even more thrilled when they asked me to be their wedding photographer. In one year, Santana got engaged, graduated college and got married – I couldn’t be more proud of her, and watching her grow and being a part of every single stepping stone of this journey with her has been so amazing!

Samson Winery was the perfect venue for this July wedding, and it being a little bit cloudy was kind of a bonus! The deep greens with the clouds that rolled in were so fun and moody - and when we adventured into the winery’s fields, it completed the setting so beautifully with her dress and amazing cathedral veil!

It was also by far the biggest wedding party I’ve ever shot, and now I can understand why they had such a big party! Everyone was so wonderful, loving and supportive – they all deserved to be standing up their with this bride and groom. Not to mention, an extremely funny group!

I feel like I always have a hard time writing out what to say in these, because I just expect my photos to speak for themselves. Which I hope they do. Enjoy the photos!