Finally able to get this engagement session on the blog!! Santana, Derek and I had rescheduled about three times due to the weather, at this point we were all so frustrated we said that even if it rained or snowed, we'd be pulling this one in! Washington weather is so unpredictable! Luckily it wasn't raining...yet, but it was FREEZING cold again! Seems like all my engagement sessions are in the cold this year!

I was super excited for this engagement because I've known Santana for many years, and seeing her with Derek made my heart warm. He adores her in every sense of the word. I was more excited because she wanted to do a more stylized shoot, so we put her in a long black gown, and him in a bow tie. With the location setting, it was actually perfect.

I've been wanting to shoot in the conservatory for a really long time, and during this session, it was decorated with hundreds of poinsettias and I knew the contrast would be absolutely beautiful. When I came home to edit, basically every shot was too good to pass up - and this session ended up yielding over 200 edits! Let's just say this couple was quite surprised and very pleased with the artwork they were handed. So am I. And it makes me that much more excited to capture their big day! 7 more months! Until then, here is a few of my favorites from this engagement session!


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