It's been awhile since I've posted! Wedding season is kicking in full speed in a couple weeks, so I've been trying to catch up on all my blogs and recent work I haven't shared with you all yet! I need to get better at blogging consistently I know!

Back in March I had the opportunity to be a second shooter for a photographer in Phoenix, Arizona! I was beyond honored to work along side Shanyn King. It was so fun! Obviously you'll see a little difference in angles due to me not being the main cover, but I got to really focus on details and work getting more detail shots of decor, dress, and accessories in! Which will help me be able to focus more on these things for my future weddings. I saw the importance of a second photographer and why we tend to help capture things that the main photographer may not see while she's invested more into the bride and groom. Seconds focus on guests, decor details, behind the scenes moments that will give the bride and groom a sense of what was going on around them! I had so much fun being a second and I'm even more excited to share with you some of the images of this EXTREMELY beautiful wedding at Superstition Manor. It was so gorgeous! When we got to the golden hour portraits of the bride and groom, I melted. The colors and the beautiful skies of Arizona were everything I dreamed.

Please enjoy! I most definitely can't wait to come back and shoot again in June - as the primary photographer!

XO, Caitlyn (now Nikula)