Thuy + Andrew | Discovery Park Seattle, Washington


When I met with Thuy and Andrew several months ago, it was over cocktails and dinner at Stateside - a really look asian fusion restaurant in Capital Hill. Meeting couples at their consults always gives me some nervous butterflies because it’s so similar to an interview. Do I look okay? Am I going to babble too much? Do I have anything stuck in my teeth? Etc.

My time with them knocked all those worries away. We didn’t even discuss wedding photographer for the first hour. And that is how I REALLY love to consult with clients. I want to know how their day has been, where they come from, what they do for a living — you know, talk to them like they are the people they are. It wasn’t until toward the end of dinner did I mention “Hey, we should MAYBE discuss wedding photography stuff!” We all had a good laugh.

I book a limited amount of weddings per year for a reason. Because I believe quality over quantity holds true in this industry. I want to be able to give as much energy and thought as possible into the couples that do book me. I want my consults to feel like they aren’t on a time constraint. I want my bride to text me mirror photos of her engagement session outfit ideas. I want to meet up at a local brewery for a double date. Being a part of my clients’ lives is so important to me.

When I shoot at Discovery Park, my husband usually tags along and brings our dogs for a nice long walk - I also use him as my personal Uber to get down to the Lighthouse (always apologizing to my couples for the awful dog smell in the car, blegh SORRY) — and the first thing he said when I was finished with my session with Thuy and Andrew was, “They would be a fun couple to hang out with!” and I was…. “Uh, YEAH.”

This is how I want the client experience to be with ALL of my couples. As much as possible. Now enjoy this beautiful, cuddly and GOLDEN hour engagement session at one of my all time favorite parks.