It was an October morning in Anchorage Alaska. It was freezing temperatures and rain came and went throughout the day. We had quite an early start, Constance and Wesley decided to go with a morning ceremony at the Forget Me Not Nursery up in the deep mountains of Alaska. It was utterly breathtaking. Alaska in general makes me swoon. But the story of how I met these two love birds doesn't just start there.

Constance and I had connected on Instagram over a year ago. At the time her and Wesley weren't together just yet. She had posted something inspiring, and I commented it, in return we followed each other. We kept in touch via Facebook and other social media outlets, and she told me one day when she got married she would want to have me capture her wedding. Her style and mine were very much in sync. She was a bohemian girl that somehow fell in love with Alaska, and she enjoyed my photojournalistic way of capturing others. A few months later, I got a surprise on my Facebook that she was dating someone, and just 6 months later, they were engaged. Wesley and Constance have known each other for years, actually dated years back, and they somehow found themselves together again. I was more than thrilled to actually get the opportunity to work with her. She is a kind soul. Motivated, driven, a promoter of self love, and a kick ass beach body coach! Known for her thick long blonde mane and spunky sense of humor, I knew that capturing this wedding would be cake. I first met Wesley when I arrived, and I knew exactly why she was marrying him. A strong man of God, who honored and adored every part of her. 

We had an early ceremony, followed by a brunch styled reception, and ended with getting some big epic shots at Beluga Point and up in the Mountains of just them two. It was the neatest transition, because I got to spend however much time I wanted with them alone. However, when it came time for the bride and groom photos, it was below freezing, raining and extremely windy. That didn't stop us, and as you're about to see - without that crazy wind, we wouldn't have been able to get some of these outrageously awesome shots! Toward the end of our session too, I was absolutely captivated by their love for others. A young man stopped on the side of the road while I was taking some bridals. We were weary at first, but he then said seeing them taking their photos INSPIRED him to love his wife more. Constance and Wesley prayed with him, on the side of the road. There was truly love happening on this very special day. 

I'm going to let the photos speak for themselves now, enjoy!

XO, Caitlyn

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