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Jillian + Scott | Golden Southern Love


Jillian + Scott | Golden Southern Love

Jillian + Scott | Pecan Springs Ranch in Austin, Texas

April 12th, 2019


Traveling to document someone’s wedding is always a thrill. It’s even better when you’re traveling to document a wedding of someone you’ve known for many years. Choosing a wedding photographer that you have chemistry with and feel comfortable around, I believe, is the number one thing to take into account.

Having beautiful photos is the end goal, absolutely. But it takes more than knowing how to work a camera to create beautiful photos. You want someone you can feel awkward around, because a good photographer takes those awkward feelings and uses them to your benefit - we bring a sense of comfort into the mix that makes you feel like your “awkwardness” isn’t awkward at all. You want someone you can trust to direct you when needed, someone who’s willing to go the extra mile and be respectful and polite around your friends’ and family.

Choosing your wedding photographer is not JUST about the final product. It’s about the experience leading up to your wedding, the day of your wedding, and even after.

These two. I don’t know how many times they were worried about feeling awkward. And I always assure my couple’s that is the least of my worries. I want them to have fun. I want it to feel joyful and exciting. The moment they realized how easy the process was going to be, I could feel and see the comfort fill their faces and sink into their bodies - and we had SO much fun. Through getting ready, first look, portraits, and all - it was filled with laughs, abounding confidence and joy.

That is one of my ultimate goals in capturing your wedding. This day, is a day you’ll never forget - and I don’t want there to be any stress, or drama, or discomfort being a part of your day. I KNEW Jillian and Scott’s day was going to be beautiful, and I expected it to be the best experience. It truly was. And their friends and family members were so kind, helpful and thoughtful throughout the day.

It is an honor to be a part of every single couple’s wedding I shoot. It’s even more of an honor to have a history with someone, and get to be present during such a special day.

This wedding was a dream. Just take a peak into their day and you’ll see why.



Miranda + Jared |  L'amour à Paris


Miranda + Jared | L'amour à Paris

Miranda + Jared | tour Eiffel Paris, France

April 3rd, 2019


It’s typical when building a business to create a bucket list of all the different things you want to accomplish. Shooting a wedding in Paris was definitely one of them. A lot of people know that Paris is a pretty special place for me - and even though it may sound “cliche” it really is a home away from home. I wasn’t sure I’d ever complete this dream of mine to capture a love story there…

When Miranda and Jared booked their wedding with me, Paris wasn’t a part of the plan. But after a few months of wedding planning, they realized a big local wedding wasn’t their dream. When I received the email of their change, and asking if I would join them in Paris, I actually fell out of my chair. Like. Actually.

A wedding. In Paris. Like, duh. Asking me IF I would like to join was a silly question. Not only did I love these two and how well we connected the first time I met with Miranda (ironically over macarons and champagne), but I LOVED that they were doing away with tradition and giving themselves the most epic and dreamiest adventure of a lifetime. Saying I Do to each other at sunrise in front of the Eiffel Tower. How many people get to say they did that?!

Leading up to the day, weather was all over the place. Something we were fairly used to living here in Washington. Although VERY cold, the skies opened up and we had the most beautiful sunrise. The sun glittered down on them right when they were putting rings on each other - it couldn’t have been a more perfect event to witness.

This really was everything and more. I cannot thank these two enough for bringing me with them to the most romantic city of all. I miss it every day. And hopefully I’ll get another chance to help tell another Paris love story again in the future.

Enjoy this darling and intimate elopement. Cheers.